So i have build a gaming pc arround 2months ago and now im getting a dram led contstantly so i dont get display help pls

Specs:i5:6500 msi b150a gaming pro msi gtx 1060 gaming x 16 gb corsair vengeance 2133mhz cx550watt 1000gb seagate. on my motherboard th dram led is flashing constantly and im not getting any display help please thx
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    Have you tried to re-seat the RAM? If not take it out and re-seat them properly, It's possible they aren't fully locked in.

    Another possibility is that the motherboard RAM slots are faulty now.
  2. > Switch the power supply off and disconnect the power cable. Leave it that way for 10-20 seconds, reconnect and switch the power supply on. See if the error still persists.

    > Tried loosening the screws attached to the motherboard a bit, if they are screwed in very tightly?
  3. In the same slots or in diferent slots
  4. in the slots the motherboard intends for Dual Channel memory (if you have 2 sticks) if you have 4 just put them all in.
  5. I tried those things it does give a display but it doest work i will go to the computer store nearby and ill see what they can say about thanks for the help tho we tried
  6. it worked!,

    Im going to buy a new set of kingston ram ddr4 hopefully it fully fixes it
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