Newly Built Computer Not Running Games to full Potential

Just recently built my computer and ever since i built it i have not been able to run games to good quality. Games such as League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, H1Z1:KOTK, Counter Strike and Witcher 3 all struggle to run and are difficult to play. League of Legends, HOTS, H1Z1:KOTK and CS display high frame rate in game but appear to be very unsmooth and abit jumpy and choppy. These games all have way above 60fps and league uncapped can even display upto 600
fps where it becomes very jumpy (only at start of game?). Witcher 3 with high settings runs the worst out of all games and is pretty unplayable. Weirdly dark souls 3 runs perfectly and i have had 0 problems with the game? I tried turning v-sync on and other setting ingame and in nvidia control panel. Tried fully reinstalling drivers and going back to older drivers.

I have tried stress testing my GPU with software and it meets the benchmark. I have checked my CPU usage and it seems to be getting fully utilised. This is my first ever build and honeslty handled putting the motherboard into the case pretty badly and might of damaged it? I did not touch it but used the cpu fan to carry it into the case and slighty knocked it. Im totally lost about this problem and really dont know what to do....

TL: DR Have a high spec pc but all games dont run smoothly and some unplayable.. Cant even play league to a good level due to the quality of the game. Honestly lost...

Specs: -Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB - Intel i5 6600K - Gigabyte Z170X UD3 - 16GB Ram Corsair Vengance - EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650W 80+ Gold Certified - Cooler master Hyper 1212 evo - BenQ 24" GL2460 -Windows 10 64 bit MONITOR IS 60HZ - Some screenshots of my CPU and GPU usage while playing mostly witcher and league
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    You may need to cap your fps for a smooth constant fps. Use Nvidia Inspector. You may have to created a profile for the games then cap frame-rate to 60fps then save. You can play around with the fps a bit but your monitor only outputs 60. This should give your CPU more time to keep up with other important tasks like dealing with network connections.
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