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Hi Folks,

Hey, I was looking to build (or rebuild) my mid tower PC that I use for my graphic design freelance business. My last barebones kit was a mid tower setup (Socket 775 with a Intel D940 dual core and a graphics card). I was looking to do something similar but with and up to date mobo and processor, etc., When I started poking around, it seem that places like NewEgg, Tiger Direct etc. are only selling mini pc type kits (ultra small form factor). What am I missing? Are mid and min towers obsolete?

I don't need heavy duty power, not too much 3d, no gaming etc.I am running Photoshop and Indesign, Illustrator, etc. Lot of design for internet, etc. I do want speed improvements, SSD capability and lots more memory (32GB)

For my next PC what are my options these days? (best place to shop, etc). Obviously, my current rig is ancient and needs to improve. Looking for general suggestions for next steps like should I move into the mini pc? Other options and suggestions

Thanks in advance!

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  1. It'd be cheaper to just build yourself a new PC rather than start with a kit. It only takes a marginal amount of more work. You'd also end up with a higher quality PC as the kits tend to be used to dump cheaper or harder to sell parts.
  2. No mid and full towers are not obsolute.
    THe reason why there are mini pc kits is because there is limited selection and often compatibility concerns that make kits more rational.
    With mid and full towers you have almost endless possibilities which makes it harder to build kits because someone does not want that baord, or that memory, etc etc.

    You should certainly wait the week or 2 to see how Ryzen (newest AMD platform) stacks up to Intel.

    For your needs you really should be running a pretty powerfull PC. At least 4 cores/8threads CPU, 32gb of memory, SSD for Boot and working media drive, and a GTX 1060 gpu (bare minimum a GTX 1050) as the CUDA cores in the GPU can be used for a good amount of processing by Adobe software
  3. Ok, Boosted1g and Spectre694, duly noted. Yeah, I guess my last build was not a barebones kit per se, I started with the CPU and motherboard and worked from there. Might make sense to figure processor first as a starting point. Thanks for the hardware suggestions too, good starting point.
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    new egg still have combo
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