BSOD error message help ! (Dump file included)

So I overclocked my 6600K for the first time (4,4 Ghz @ 1.24V) . My idle temps are around 35-40C and when I do a stress test with prime 95 they are between 69-73C . I have the latest BIOS for my mobo ( Asrock Pro4/D3 ) not sure about the rest of my drivers . My PSU is an Aurum Pro 1000W . I got a BSOD with a error message saying CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT the next time I rebooted it crashed again , but this time it said Machine Check Exception.

I can send pictures of the dump file since i cannot link it ( site is offline) if anyone is willing to help me out :)

Any help is appreciated
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    That error suggests your OC is unstable. I suggest increasing voltage or decreasing OC until prime95 stable
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