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I am thinking of building a a micro-atx build for a home media and data backup server, but I have a question regarding the software and how it would be used.

I am currently using a Windows Homegroup to transfer files between my PC and laptop, but if I use Ubuntu or FreeNAS for the server, which from what I have seen are the two recommended options, how do I actually set it up and use it is a file server, and which would be the better option? I am leaning towards Ubuntu, but that's mostly due to the fact I have never used Linux and would like to.

So my question is, say I set it up with Ubuntu, and say I want to backup my documents from my PC, would it be a manual method as in copying the folder and pasting it in a folder on the server's drive, or is there a built in system for carrying out such tasks, say automatically once a week in the background in Ubuntu?

All help is appreciated!
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  1. Ubuntu is an OS.
    FreeNAS is NOT an OS, it's something that SITS ON TOP of a Linux OS, albeit a slim-down version.

    I don't think FreeNAS can triggers backups but Ubuntu might. You can have the FILE SERVER to trigger backups for all of your client boxes, or you can have the individual clients to trigger the backups, is all up to you. I do not have the individual cases nor step-by-step procedure.
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    With the questions that you have, I would recommend a commercial NAS. You don't have to deal with the OS. You just use it. Almost no setup. Look at products from Thecus, QNAP, or Synology. They have the best user interfaces of all the home commercial NAS units.
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