Installed Kali Linux, GRUB to the same HDD, BIOS/UEFI does not show HDD now.

So, my whole yesterday went with trying to make this work, but I wasn't successful.
I made a bootable USB stick with a Kali image on it, successfully installed it, after the "Installing System", installed GRUB on the same HDD (I have only this OP, no windows), but after resatarting the PC, I couldn't find the HDD anymore in the Bootable devices list, it just shows that, i have the HDD plugged in, and the data about it.
The HDD is 100/100, and when it had windows on it, it worked fine.

When I try to boot, it says something like this:
Boot Failed
Missing Operating System
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  1. try disconnecting the drive and reconnecting it. And if that doesnt work you will need to reinstall using some thing like NTFS or FAT instead of Ext4 because that may be you're issue.
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    The filesystem type isn't the problem. NTFS/FAT would be very poor choices for a Linux install.

    The problem is that you haven't installed GRUB correctly. The real problem is that you are a beginner who is using a distribution intended only for experts. We see so many questions from people trying to use Kali who really shouldn't.You should use something like Ubuntu.

    Anyway, if you really must use Kali, start over and follow the installation instructions to the letter. I assume that you know whether you are using BIOS or UEFI and, if the latter, that you have checked that Kali works with UEFI.
  3. Yes, thats true that I'm new to linux.
    McHenryB, thanks, with following your instructions I made it.
    Thank again, and sorry for the stupid question.
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