"No POST", "system won't boot", and "no video output"

This is a pre-built computer. It is a custom built, but it is built by a shop. It has been working fine all the way until yesterday that this issue occurs. I managed to resolve my network issue after my previously posted issue. I rebooted the PC after HitMan Pro run the scan and cleaned my pc. This issue of not booting up starts.

What exactly happens is that once the PC starts, all the CPU and PSU light is switched on, the PSU fan start running, then it slowed down to a halt within ~5 seconds. Then there is no reaction anymore. I think that I might break a piece of hardware, but I cannot figure what it is because there is movement (slightest shake of the system) between the period the Windows 10 reboot screen to the actual reboot.

CPU: Intel i7 i4790k
Motherboard (model number): Gigabtye Z97-D3H
RAM (Model number, speed, timings, voltage): Corsair 16GB kit DDR1200MhZ
CPU cooler (stock or not, model if applicable): I forgot!
Video Card (model number): I forgot!
Power Supply (model number, or company and wattage at least): I forgot! 700W I guessed
Hard drive(s): 500GB Plextor SSD
Operating System: Windows 10 Version 1607
Case (for cooling issues): Cooler Master Enforcer
ANY other parts. If you have an ipod plugged in, we want to know.
Component plug in during the reboot:
Mouse: Logitech M100r
Keyboard: No board USB keyboard
LCD: Viewsonice VG2233Smh

All these information used to stored in the machine. I am sorry that I cannot provide some of them as I cannot retrieve them now.

Below is the checklist I saw from "No POST", "system won't boot", and "no video output" troubleshooting checklist:

1.Did you carefully read the motherboard owners manual? No, I don't have one.
2. Did you plug in the 4/8-pin CPU power connector located near the CPU socket? I don't know, but it is working previously, so I presumes it does.
3.Did you install the standoffs under the motherboard? No
4.Did you verify that the video card is fully seated? Yes
5.Did you attach ALL the required power connector(s) to the video card? Yes
6.Have you tried booting with just one stick of RAM installed? I understand that if there is issue with the RAM card, the BIOS will at least boot up, but it isn't the case.
7.Did you verify that all memory modules are fully inserted? Yes
8.Did you verify in the owners manual that you're using the correct RAM slots? Yes
9.Did you remove the plastic guard over the CPU socket? Yes
10.Did you install the CPU correctly? Yes
11.Are there any bent pins on the motherboard/CPU? No
12. If using an after market CPU cooler, did you get any thermal paste on the motherboard, CPU socket, or CPU pins? I don't know, but I am at least sure I don't put any thermal paste.
13.Is the CPU fan plugged in? Yes
14. If using a stock cooler, was the thermal material on the base of the cooler free of foreign material, and did you remove any protective covering? Not Applicable
If the stock cooler has push-pins, did you ensure that all four pins snapped securely into place? Yes
15. Are any loose screws laying on the motherboard, or jammed against it? Are there any wires run directly under the motherboard? No
16.Did you ensure you discharged all static electricity before touching any of your components? Yes
17.Did you install the system speaker (if provided) so you can check beep-codes in the manual? Yes
18.Did you read the instructions in the manual on how to properly connect the front panel plugs? Yes
19.Did you turn on the power supply switch located on the back of the PSU? YES
20.Is your CPU supported by the BIOS revision installed on your motherboard? YES
21.Have you tried resetting the CMOS? No, I need to try this.
22. If you have integrated video and a video card, try the integrated video port. Yes, I tried both.
23. Make certain all cables and components including RAM and expansion cards are tight within their sockets. Yes

I will continue to post more information, but at the meantime, I hope that there is some guidance on this issue. I understand that there are some missing information and steps not tried, I will try them and updated this post as well.
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  1. My suggestion is to take the pc to the shop, if under warranty.
  2. alexoiu said:
    My suggestion is to take the pc to the shop, if under warranty.

    Nope. I am not under shop warranty. The components are under individual RMA warranty though.
  3. Best answer
    Same thing. Let them check and find the faulty part.
  4. alexoiu said:
    Same thing. Let them check and find the faulty part.

    Great idea, I will call them up and let them check. Will update the thread later!
  5. alexoiu said:

    Call them, and they respond it will cost SGD 40 (~30 USD) for just diagnosis. I think I will bring it down though.
  6. alexoiu said:

    TL,DR: My motherboard is faculty.

    The longer story:
    Okay, just an update. So I went to the shop, and I found out that the motherboard is faculty. As I lost my invoice, there is pretty much nothing they can do to help me RMA, so I paid for a lower end motherboard that can fit. Lesson learnt: Keep your invoice in a "safer" place.
  7. Thank you for the update.
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