Will the MSI GTX 1050 TI 4GT LP Graphics Card work on my HP Compaq Pro 6300 SFF?

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I am planning an MSI GTX 1050 TI 4GT LP Graphics Card for my computer which is an HP Compaq Pro 6300 SFF with an Intel i3-3220, and a 240w PSU. The only thing that has gotten me confused is that on my computer's PCIe x16 slot (3.0), it states that it's capable of up to 25w of max power. So, does this mean that this graphics card is not compatible and if so, what are some recommendations??

Here is the documentation reference:
Here is the Graphics Card that I'm planning to get:
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  1. I would say no. That card uses 75W, and has no external power connector. The motherboard in that system has a PCIe slot, but it has a 25W maximum on it.
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    You can choose a card from the document there, all low end cards.

    Optional discrete graphics solutions:

    AMD Radeon HD 6350 (512MB) PCIe x16 (includes a DMS-59 to Dual VGA Y Cable)

    AMD Radeon HD7450 (1GB) PCIe x16 (includes a DVI to VGA adapter cable)

    NVIDIA NVS 300 (512MB) PCIe x16 (Includes a DMS-59 to Dual VGA Y Cable)

    NVIDIA NVS 310 (512MB) PCIe x16

    Look into this guy, he did a similar build and it seemed to turn out great.
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