Best video settings for GTA V for me?

Hi,please tell me which values of these video settings for GTA V are best for me:fxaa,mxaa,vsync,population density\variety ,distance scalling,texture quality,shader quality,shadow quality,reflection quality and msaa,water quality,particles quality,grass quality,soft shadows,motion blur strength,anisotropic filtering,ambient occlusion,tessellation and the advanced settings:long shadows,high resolution shadows,high detail while flying,extended distance scalling,feane scalling mode and of course the resolution! And which graphics mod can I install,but to not affect the game's performance!
My laptop's specs: i7-6700 hq,16 GB DDR4 and Nvidia GTX 960 M 4 GB GDDR5. But please keep in mind that I will install a 530 hq cars mod! Thanks in advance! Best regards
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    You should be alright with most things on high-very high settings. Main things are just don't put grass on ultra and keep anti-aliasing to FXAA. But honestly just experiment really, turn things up and down and off and on and eventually you'll find a sweet spot.
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