Setting up dual monitors using motherboard VGA and graphics card HDMI?

I'm trying to set up dual monitors and wanting to use the VGA on the motherboard and the HDMI on the graphics card but I don't know how to use these at the same time.
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1050
Motherboard: AMD 4300 Quad Core Processor
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  1. What motherboard do you have?
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    When you use a graphics card, it disables your onboard video for your MOBO. You can either buy a converter for the 1050 if you need one, use the DVI port if your monitor has a DVI connection (which it most likely does), or you can go into the BIOS and re-enable your onboard video.
  3. WrektGlitch said:
    What motherboard do you have?

    AMD 760G I do believe
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