EVGA GTX 960 2GB SSC overclock Vs EVGA GTX 1060 SSC 6GB

can someone summarize the difference and which will overclock higher . i know the 960 which is a SSC with ACX 2.0 and only has 1 6 pin and the 1060 which has 1 8pin or a 2 6pin to 8 pin adaptor. and ACX 3.0.. can someone explain which card should achieve higher overclocks and i am very familiar with evga precision and gpuz cpuid ... yada yada . but what kind of differences am i looking at in terms of the cards . minimal ? the SSC costed about 50 more bucks ... but came with acx 3.0 and a backplate. any help would be greatly appreciated : ) it just seemed like the 960 was a piece of junk but this 1060 is really showing what nvidia is truely capable ... i would give it a 10/10 if i could

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  1. Personally, the GTX 1060 is almost always worth it hands down. Don't worry about "overclocking"

    Either way, OC won't yield many more frames per second. If performance overall is your concern the 1060 is worth it even if it's $50 more.
  2. i mean i agree with you , but i do like to push the cards to they max they are capable of "safely"
  3. I don't know where you're trying to go with this post, but for sure the GTX 1060 will overclock better. It uses a smaller manufacturing process, which means lower power consumption and lower temps. Furthermore, the clock speed on the SSC has not been pushed as far as the clock speed on the GTX 960, which means you get better OC headroom.
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    You could underclock a 1060 by a few hundred mhz and it would still destroy a 960, the 1060 is more on par with a 980. There is nothing you could do with a 960 to get it to perform like a 1060, besides maybe a ridiculously high LN2 overclock.

    The 1060 with gpu boost 3.0 will overclock itself quite high, I have an MSI Gaming x GTX 1060 6GB which boosts to 1974mhz on its own with no manual overcloking at all. I can manually get it to about 2080mhz stable, anymore than that and I will artifact and eventually crash whatever program I am using. That with power limit set to 115%. I can also get the memory to about a +300mhz offset.
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