I want to overclock some ballistix ddr4. How high should I go? ideally 3k. Can you recomend other short ram thats faster?

or better to overclock?
i want to put in a noctua nh d 15. 32mm clearance
I was thinking of going for this? how high should I overclock it?
what does the LT stand for with the ballistix line?

If im paying tha tmuch for ram it should overclock to 3k right?
is there any ram the same height that overclocks better or is a higher freq
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  1. Supahos said:
    No honestly it's just overpriced

    Is a better idea

    I can agree but I don't think that will work with my future chosen cooler.
    Do you think i should give up on my cooler or my short ram?
  2. Vengeance LPX is short and should work.
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