Do i need a NZXT Internal USB 2.0 Hub?

Hi, I created this PC:
And on this youtube video: at 4:18 he says he needs the NZXT hub... Do I need that too?
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  1. From your parts list, you won't be needing the NZXT Internal USB Expansion Hub.

    Your Asus Z270E motherboard already features three USB2.0 Headers. In your parts list, you will only be using two of these three USB2.0 Headers: one USB2.0 header for your Kraken X62 and one USB2.0 header supporting your 2x USB2.0 Front Panel ports.

    In short, you will still have one available USB2.0 Header when your parts listed in the link are all installed.

    The only reason you will need the NZXT Internal USB Hub is if you will install 2 more components that would require USB2.0 headers. For example, the NZXT Hue+ using CAM software (like the Kraken) and/or the Corsair AXi/RMi/HXi series PSU's using CorsairLink software and/or installing some special fan or led controllers or SD card readers that requires such. The NZXT Internal Hub expands that one USB2.0 Header into three USB2.0 Header (+ two USB2.0 Ports).

    In the video you linked, he is using a motherboard (the MSI Z170-A Krait Gaming 3X) that only has two USB2.0 Headers (as opposed to yours which has three). He needs a total of three USB2.0 Headers because he used the Kraken (which requires one), the Hue+ LED Lighting Kit (which requires another one), and the NZXT S340 Elite 2x USB2.0 front panel ports (which requires a third one).
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  2. So first off, I have indeed forgotten to add the HUE+ which I am going to use, but after what you have said, That should work fine. Right?
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  3. Yup, when you install that Hue+, you would have populated all USB2.0 Headers of your Z270E.
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  4. Ehm, I don't know if you're gonna see this, since it is a long time since I've said anything here... But on this video: at 13:50 he is saying that it is only 2 usb 2.0 headers....
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    MatErGodt said:
    Ehm, I don't know if you're gonna see this, since it is a long time since I've said anything here... But on this video: at 13:50 he is saying that it is only 2 usb 2.0 headers....

    At exactly 13:52 he mentioned the 2x USB 2.0 Headers, right? Now what he FAILED to mentioned is that in 13:29, when he showed the ROG_EXT headers, the right side set of pins of that ROG_EXT is ANOTHER USB 2.0 Header. So that brings the total of 2x USB 2.0 Headers (the ones with the black frames shown in 13:52 of the video) plus 1x USB 2.0 (as part of the ROG_EXT headers shown in 13:29 of the video). Total = 3x USB 2.0 Headers.

    If you still don't believe me, check the actual specifications and manual at the Asus website:
    Internal I/O Ports:
    3 x USB 2.0 connector(s) support(s) additional 6 USB 2.0 port(s)

    In Page xi of the manual:
    Internal I/O Ports:
    3 x USB 2.0 connectors support additional 6 x USB 2.0 ports (one connector via ROG_EXT header)

    You can also check Page 1-15 of the manual and you'll see the actual diagrams and pin-outs of these 3 USB2.0 headers I'm telling you. Here's an actual photo to give you a better look at what I'm saying:

    See that ROG_EXT (which consists of 2 sets of pins, at the left is an 8pin and at the right is a 10-1pin)? Well, that 10-1 pin and label "USB1314" below -- that's your additional USB2.0 header (apart from the "USB910" and "USB1112" the guy in the video told you).
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  6. I believe you :) Just wanted to check to be certain before buying:)
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  7. Hi, with his config, can he add Two LED Strips to the HUE+ or is he needing a usb 2.0 hub?
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