Its ok if i using i7 7700 install on Z270 Mainboard ? :(

Hi guy,
Just bought new pc set:

i7 7700
MSI z270 gaming pro
corsair cooler h100i

Just wonder its i7 7700 go just fine with z270? or i need to buy i7 7700k to fit with mainboard ?

Thanks very much :)
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  1. No need to change you have a good combo , 100% compatible.

    Have fun building!
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    Yes, the 7700 (non-K) will work. The Z270 likely brings a little more features to the table than you need - and would pair nicely with a 7700K to allow you to OC, but would require a cooler too.

    If you want to opt for the 7700 (non-K) and can still returns some components, you could pick up an H270 or B250 board and save some money.
  3. The H100i will be mostly a waste of money with the 7700 non-K, which includes a very adequate cooler.
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