Graphics Card Massive Low Temp Throttling

Hello everyone,
I have had this custom pc I created for the past 2 years I believe now. I haven't ran into any hardware problems until recently. I was just playing the normal game, I happen to play everyday, battlefield 1, and the problem was, it was lagging horrendously. The fps dropped from the average 60 fps I have, and wen't to a meager 12 fps. It refused to go any higher at that point, dropping all the way to even 9 fps. So, I decided that the best thing to do would be to launch MSI Afterburner and see what the problem is. I checked the GPU temperature, and it is where it normally was, at its average temperature of 48 degrees Celsius. So I continued to scroll down to find out that my GPU was horribly throttling, as it was literally going from 0 to 80% within a second, this happened for over 10 minutes of gameplay, constantly throttling at this rate. So, I decided to look up on the internet what to do as I wasn't too skilled with actual hardware problems, compared to software. The answers were reletively easy to deal with, they suggested boosting the allowed power input percent to the GPU, which I gladly followed, boosting my AMD R9 280 up to 20% power input, and to my surprise, that didn't work. I continued to search for a few hours, finding suggestions to downgrade the GPU's core clock, or even reinstall the drivers for it. However, none of these worked to succession. My GPU, remained to throttle at its insane rate. I decided to remove items from its Surge Protector, which definitely is supplying enough power as it has the same wattage as my PSU. I am about to attempt to replace the single 6 pin power cord it has to see if its a wiring issue. Other than that, I have no idea what to do. Any answer would be much appreciated!
I'd also like to add, that I checked this with the AMD radeon settings application, and the same outcome occurred. The afterburner reports are right here I would also like to find a solution besides turning it in for its warranty, because I am not sure I even have one on it.

CPU: AMD FX-6300 Black Edition
GPU: AMD R9 280
PSU: EVGA 750w GQ 80+ Gold with ECO Off
MOBO: (Even though it really doesn't effect much) Asus 990fx Killer
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  1. Try using DDU to uninstall the current drivers, and roll back to a driver set from before the start of the issue.
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  2. The_Staplergun said:
    Try using DDU to uninstall the current drivers, and roll back to a driver set from before the start of the issue.

    Neither worked! I already tried both to no succession.
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  3. To be honest, at this point I believe that my GPU is dying. None of the AMD apps and such are responding, my games freeze, have black spots and squares all over the screen, then fixes itself. The AMD Wattman crashes all the time, freezing everything I am doing, its literally just too much at this point.
    It's really awkward because I haven't overclocked my PC at all and I've only had this for 2 years now.
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  4. What's the warranty on the card?

    I know some things have a long warranty. If it's out you might just consider a new card.

    Did you leave the PC on all the time?
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  5. I've had the exact same issue with my 4 month old MSI Stealth pro 7rf. It has an Nvidia GTX 1060 6Gb which was working fine. Throttled from 80% usage to 100% usage every second going from 139 MHz to 1440 MHz max and giving fps of less than 10.

    Started happening out of nowhere and have tried all 'normal' software tweaks including a complete factory reset, ddu, rollback, latest drivers, settings changes, everything to no avail. Benchmark tests are consistently poor.

    Is this a hardware problem? And why would it have started now? Only thing I did prior to this happening was download steep by Ubisoft, update my drivers, plug in my ps4 controller and install ds4windows. But steep was running poorly as soon as i plugged in my ps4 controller whicj prompted me to do the other things.
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