Lightning female to Usb type C Male cable/adapter?

Ok so Im trying to hook up my Google Pixel to my Hyundai Sonata via a usb cable. However the car only support lightning cables. So I am wondering if there is a cable or adapter out there, that will allow me to hookup my usb C to A cable - adapter- lightning to usb A... I dont even know if it will work as a data transfer for music but if anyone knows of an adapter or cable that will help me with that Id appreciate it!
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    You should be able to find the desired adapter.

    Did you google?

    I.e. search online for "Lightning female to Usb type C Male cable/adapter".

    However, you may run into some proprietary issue.

    I.e., Hyundai's port may use some special connectivity that forces you to purchase their cable/plug combination.

    Check with a nearby dealer or Hyundai's website. Learn what you can.
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