Intel Core 2 Duo Laptop Normal CPU Temperature

I have around 60-70°C when watching Twitch and use YouTube. Is this normal temperature for CPU laptop laptop CPU?
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  1. Can you please provide some specs and model? laptop temperatures are sometimes higher than a regular PC in any case it is possible that the fan or heat sinks in your laptop needs some cleaning
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    70C under full load is within the normal range for Intel's desktop CPUs. Mobile CPUs usually have a higher typical operating range to reduce the design effort that laptop manufacturers need to put in their cooling design and the amount of power used by the fans.

    If you are playing videos without hardware acceleration, the CPU load will be fairly high and there is nothing surprising about it getting to 70C.
  3. I would say yes that is too high but I know that low end cpus heat up as they spend most of their time in turbo. What power profile are you using?
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