Should I upgrade my PC or build a new one?

Hey, looking for input as to whether it'd be worth upgrading my PC, and if so, what the best route would be, to ensure that its still capable of playing modern games in the next few years.

My Specs:

Motherboard: ASUS A88XM-E
CPU: AMD Anthlon X4 760k Quad Core @ 3.8 GHz
PSU: EVGA 600B Bronze Power Supply
GPU: Radeon PowerColor R9 270
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  1. Priorities:
    1. GPU - Suggestion: GYGABYTE WINDFORCE OC 3GB
    2. CPU - Suggestion: i5-6500
    3. RAM? - Not very important but getting a 16GB kit is an OK upgrade.
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    You should upgrade the whole thing if you want to continue gaming. That CPU already pretty far behind in terms of processing power compared to modern offerings.

    And the advice above is useless at #2 - if you follow that advice, you'll be upgrading (essentially) the whole system anyway (CPU, RAM, AND motherboard).
  3. Wait a few weeks, AMD's Ryzen will be out at the beginning of March and (hopefully) will shake things up. After that, need to know the budget and whether or not you are looking to reuse some things like the current Case, PSU, HDD...
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