Will this gpu fit my case

My case at the moment is the incredibly cheap CIT Defender which is an atx/matx case. I was wondering if this card would fit alright as their is limited info online about the case. Here is the card:

My case:
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  1. I think it will fit due to that card is not giant like a 3 fan setup, but take a moment and make measuring that will give you the final answer, that card specs dimensions are 9.02" x 5.16" (L x H)
  2. Take a tape measure and measure from the pci-e brackets (in the back of the case) to the front of the drive cage. It looks like it will fit. The issue is there's not much info about your case.
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    That video card is no longer than your motherboard so yes it will fit in the case.
    I would buy a new power supply also the one that comes with that case is garbage.
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