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I got the logitech M185 as a present. It's nice, but I have a question about it. Is there any way to change the mouse DPI or it has fixed DPI setting? (I'm not talking about options in control panel to change mouse speed) :P
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  1. It's a fixed hardware thing - you need to check the DPI in the specs when you buy a mouse. Most are usually either 800 or 1600 dpi where I shop.

    I use a 1600 dpi mouse as it gives me much greater precision and control in Photoshop.
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    everything I found from a quick google search appears to indicate it is locked at 1000dpi.
  3. Thanks for the answers... Phillip Corcoran - I know what should I check when buying a mouse, but this one was a present so I cannot really have any options hehe. Tnanks for the info though :) Appreciate it.
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