Samsung 960 EVO running stupid fast? has to be wrong!

Ive recently installed an M.2 NVME Samsung 960 Evo 500GB and the bench marks I'm getting are stupid fast.

I've got an Asus Maximus VIII Hero with the latest chipset firmware on it, the 960 Evo installed as boot drive with my older 2x 850 evo 250GB Sata SSD's running as secondary storage in RAID 0.

CPU is a 6700K with 16 gig of RAM

whole system runs without problem, and is perfectly stable.


when I bench marked the new drive I found it was giving me between 10GB/s and 12GB/s yet the drive is only rated at running 3.2GB/s

Crystal Disk Mark running the Seq Q32T1 read and write both come back as ~11000-12000MB/s
ATTO, Samsung magician and CMD 'winsat disk -drive c' all show similar speeds to this.

If I run the benchmarks on my RAIDed sata drives I get a fairly solid 1GB/s which considering each individual drive is manufacture rated at 550MB/s this speed seems spot on.

Why is the NVME drive benching at more than 10 times that?

thanks in advance
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    RAPID mode enabled?

    RAM is still way faster than a SSD so using the PC's RAM for caching is a good way to cheat the numbers.
  2. Sounds like you enabled RAPID Mode on that 960 EVO.
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