am i futureproof with gigabyte geforce gtx 1060 extreme gaming 6gb on 1080p and for how much time?

its in the title.
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  1. There is no such thing as future proofed. Itll game decently for a year or 2 and then be outdated.
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    There really isn't a lot of future proofing when it comes to video cards. Game creators keep coming out with more and more requirements so it is almost impossible to say how long any piece of technology will continue to be viable. The 1060 6gb is currently the "sweet spot" for 1080p gaming, but that could change with the next release of GPU from AMD or if games really start to use DirectX12 then the RX480 will be the card to choose. My best guess is that you've got a year depending on the intensity of games you play. But I could also be way off because nobody can accurately predict the PC gaming future.
  3. I've had a 670 for 4 years and it still plays games perfectly fine if you drop the settings from ultra to high. There isn't actually a great deal of difference between them in most cases so how long it lasts is purely down to you - it will do 4-5 years easily
  4. How long you can make-do with a given GPU depends heavily on what games you want to play and how much/little graphics detail you are willing to give up to stretch your GPU for a while longer.

    I personally don't care all that much for graphics in most games I play as long as they don't look glitchy and ended up stretching my HD5770 for the better part of seven years before upgrading to a 1050.

    So, depending on your needs and expectations, the 1060 can be anywhere from already obsolete or irrelevant before it even launched to going to be more than good enough for the foreseeable future.
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