Changed CMOS battery but still not working

I changed CMOS battery as you told but still it's not working. It stucked over loading. I have 2007 Compaq Pentium 4 cpu. I had upgraded my computer replacing motherboard, upgrading ram 2GB and installing 512 graphic card.
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  1. whats the mobo and CPU??
  2. If you replaced the motherboard just recently,
    What exactly do you mean by it`s not working ?

    Type a more detailed description of what it is doing when you hit the power button to turn the system on.
    Your not going to get an answer as to the possible cause as to why it is not working if your vague with the description as to the problem are you.


    I could say my computer is not working, because I have not plugged it into the wall socket.
    Do you see what I mean, how are you supposed to diagnose what the problem is if I do not mention that fact.
    Think before you post.
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