should i sell my gaming pc for a macbook

like the title suggests, I am considering selling my pc in order to help get a new MacBook. is it worth it. reason for this although I love gaming I want to move on to production and video editing which I have heard is good on MacBook's and I would like to be able to do that on the go.

thanks matt
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  1. Unless you have a very entry level PC, your PC right now would probably exceed the specs of that Macbook by a good bit. But that is just an assumption not knowing what kinda gear you have. That particular myth is what drives a lot of peoples money towards Apple. Truth is, most gaming PCs, and im not talking about the guy who has a Phenom 2 and a 5450 as a gaming rig, but most proper $1k+ modern gaming rigs beat the crap out of an Apple.
  2. video editing is software based and not a function of the OS, so given that apple uses the same hardware, it all comes down to hardware, storage speed and space, memory and processing power, definitely better in a desktop.
  3. You can take any off the shelf apple computer, get the exact same parts from a PC retailer and save at least $1000 dollars on the high end stuff.

    (excepting screen usually, but you can still buy such things, especially external monitors)

    The only advantage to Macs is their re-sell value. It does maintain a little better than typical PC hardware. But you spent more in the first place, so it is a bit of a wash.
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    $3099 15" Mac Book Pro (Fully loaded, 512GB M.2 SSD)
    i7 3.9Ghz (Odd they don't mention the model, given the memory assume Skylake)
    16GB LDDR3 2133
    Radeon Pro 460 (4GB)
    2880x1800 display
    Thunderbolt, thunderbolt everywhere!

    $2982 (Fully loaded 512GB M.2 SSD) 15" Dell Precision 5520
    i7-7820HQ 3.9Ghz
    32GB DDR4 2400
    Nvidia Quadro M1200 4GB
    4K Screen
    Tossed in the Thunderbolt dock to gain that functionality
    Larger battery was free, so that's in there (User replaceable)

    So in this case, a little bit better hardware for the same price (looks like Dell dropped AMD, probably have to go Lenovo to get a Firepro, which is a little sad.
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