NAS at remote location, Cloud subscription, or multiple local drives, what is Best Backup Method?

Afternoon all, I'm debating reworking my backup methods and hoping for some insight or best practice, without going overboard and keeping budget in mind. I have a home PC with photos, videos, files, etc. I back up locally to a raid drive attached to my computer, I also backup to an internal drive. Now I know I need to have an off-site backup. What I did in past is bring home a drive once a month and do a full backup then bring it back to office. Wondering on possibility of another method:

1) Buy a NAS (I think that's only way to accomplish the following) putting it at an off-site location (ie. parents or relatives) connecting it to their router and using SyncBackPro to periodically backup files via FTP. I would schedule this to happen late at night to not bog down any bandwith at either location. NAS drive approx $400 8TB WD Expert Series range.

2) Subscribe to CrashPlan either $59 or $149 p/year. This would have mulitple version of files and unlimited storage.

3) Continue physically bringing a drive home once a month and doing a back up w/ SyncBackPro.

What are your thoughts on best practices? Again keeping budget in mind..

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    Removable drive is always a good option. lets you have total control of the data and least expensive.
    How about backup to Google Drive, same backup you do to your removable drive. I think a TB is about $10/month now.
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