950 Pro M.2 nvme SSD not detected by Samsung Magician Software

Hello Guys, I recently added a new drive (Samsung 950 pro m.2 nvme 512g ssd) to my new Alienware 17-r4 gaming laptop. And I used paragon migration software to migrate my OS from the source drive (Sandisk X400 m) to the new drive and configured the new drive as the boot drive in BIOS. Everything went smoothly except the source drive still has the OS files on it. So I don't know if i should delete the files on the source drive.

But that's not my main issue. The main issue is that after the upgrade the Performance still feels the same, so I installed Samsung magician software to run a performance benchmark but it does not detect my 950 pro SSD and the driver I tried installing for the SSD does not detect it either.

I did check the BIOS and disk manager and it is detected in both
One more thing, in BIOS it shows that my SATA operation is on RAID

Please does anyone has an idea as to why it's not being detected?

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    Yes, the performance will fell about the same to you, you are going from an SSD to another SSD. You will have to time things closely to notice a change. Really not worth upgrading unless you just need extra space.

    Did you contact Samsung support or look on their support site as to why it may not be seeing the new drive.
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