PC running EXTREMELY SLOW, a partition is corrupted(?) i need help, please

So, here is the deal.
I was playing AoE as any other day and then turned off my pc.
Everything fine till then.
The next day, i turned it on and realized that the desktop wouldn't load until 20 min had passed, the same thing happened in safe mode. And any process, however easy it may be, took a really long time to do
By the time i got to "my pc", i found out that one of the partitions of my storage had no info, and when i clicked it a pop up window said: please format disk D to continue using it.
This all happened overnight, no windows updates, nothing.
Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to solve this problems, and to keep the data on the corrupted partition?
I have really really really really valuable data there
Please? :)
Thank you beforehand
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  1. I would try a Windows Restore.
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    Hi there Fabricio_1,

    Do you have two separate hard drives, or you have two partitions on the same hard drive?

    Anyway, I would suggest you to back up the data stored on your accessible partition/drive. Once you do that, you can go to Disk Management and see if the drive appears as unallocated. In case it does, then you may need to use some partition recovery tool.
    If you manage to retrieve your data, then you can check the drive's health status out, as it could be failing:

    D_Know_WD :)
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