Old Dell Computer, looking to upgrade. Any suggestions?

Hello, I have an old Prebuilt Dell Inspiron 580 with an Nvidia Geforce 640 I upgraded awhile ago

Nvidia Geforce GT 640
Intel Core i3 550 3.2 GHz
Dell 0C2KJT (Motherboard)
6GB Ram
EVGA 430 Watt Power supply
Dell ST2420L Monitor

I am planning on playing games like CSGO, H1Z1, and Rocket League at a better frame rate than I am now. With my current state, I have to play these games at low quality settings and still not getting the frame rate that I'm completely satisfied with. (Looking for a stable 60 FPS)

At this point, I'm a little lost on what I should upgrade next. I have a budget of around $180-$200 that I'm willing to spend to upgrade my build. Any suggestions?
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    6GB of RAM may be just not sufficient. If you want to, you can upgrade to 8GB. As for the GPU, I would opt for a GTX 1050/1050Ti, or an RX 460.
  2. Agreed. I would do a gpu upgrade to either of that was stated above. Your CPU should be fine for those games at 60fps. 6gb of ram is a little low but you should be ok.
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