which power supply to choose for gtx 1070 and i5 7600k ?

i have corsair vs 450 power supply already will it work with the following build or i have to choose another may be antec vp 500
cpu i5 7600 k
motherboard msi z170a pro
gpu gtx 1070 evga ftw version
ram corsair vengeance led 3000 mhz 8 gb
hard disk i already have wd caviour blue
cpu cooler cm kyper 212X i already have
case deepcool kendomen rd
or should i wait for zen and utilize my parts that i have please guide me thanks in advance
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    It is a reasonably good power supply although it is absolute trash when it comes to efficiency. The VS series is not very good at all and the wattage being put out is not actually what it says, the components used to make this power supply are very cheap and thats why the power supply itself is very cheap. I feel like you should consider upgrading to a Corsair CX500M which is semi-modular so it will help with cable management and will also do you good when the PC is under load, if you feel a bit in doubt then get yourself a bit more power but a CX500M should do you good.
  2. this is the minimum recommended(500W) :
    Here you will have an idea of what PSU you need:

    So, for a non reference GPU, and for having more headroom for possible future upgrades, and OC activities(considering the K CPU) I recommend you a good branded certified 550W~650W PSU.
    Good luck.
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