Is this PC build good for playing Overwatch at 1080p @ 144hz?

I think this build should be good enough, but I'm a little worried about the power supply. Should I get another power supply or will I be fine with the one I have in the build?
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  1. Are you expecting to hit 144 fps in Overwatch at 1080p with a 1050 ti?
    Gtx 1060 (6gb)usually should perform like a gtx 980
    Gtx 1060 (3gb)usually should perform like a gtx 970
    Gtx 1050ti usually should perform between 970 and 960
    As seen here you
    you get 100fps but overwatch is a very CPU bound game. Frequency has a lot of impact followed by the number of cores on the game performance.
  3. I checked the links in Ultra settings and the average FPS for the 1050ti is 102 with everything on ultra, but most of the fps drops come from fog quality and dynamic reflection being set to high instead of their lowest settings.

    Here's a link to a video that uses a MSI GTX 1050ti OC and an i3-6100:

    From what the results showed for Overwatch on ultra with that card, it hit 113fps with everything on ultra meaning that dynamic reflections and local fog quality was at their highest as well. If both those settings are at lowest, then that should be a considerable 20-40fps gain as they eat up alot of fps and are very useless to have in the game.
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