Replaced Mobo,CPU,GPU and RAM and now PSU won't power anything at all

So I replaced my old guts with new guts.
Old Guts that I replaced:
CPU -i5 3570k
RAM- DDR3 gskill sniper 1866
GPU's- GTX 670's 2gb in sli
MoBo- MSI M Poweer Z77

New Guts I just installed:
CPU- i7 6700k LGA 1151
RAM- DDR4 Corsair Veng 2666 led
GPU- MSI gaming X 1070 8gb twin frozr
MoBo- Z170A PC Mate

Guts I kept and didn't' replace:
Case- Cooler Master Haf X
PSU- Corsair RM 1000 gold
Hard drives- 256gb SSD with boot WIN 10 on it and 1tb 7200 mechanicals as storage. Cd rom also.

Also kept corsair HD100i liquid CPU heat sink

My difficulty is the power supply is not powering up Anything. It's only 1 year old. What are some things I can try to figure this out. Before I started replacing anything of my old rig, the computer turned on and I even played a bit of skyrim for 15 min. Then shut. Down and started replacing everything. Now that I installed it all I have no power at all. The plug works also. I charged my phone from the same plug to see if it worked. It does..

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, your my only hope.
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  1. Just in case, is the power switch toggle on, on the PSU?
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