Will GTX 1050ti fit with HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140sc?

Please help guys.

How will i know if my recently ordered gtx 1050ti will fit into my old HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140sc pc in terms of hooking it to the motherboard, cables, etc.?
I know how to intall the video driver from their nvidia's website, but how do i know if my motherboard will fit with the graphics card?

You can find the specs here:
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  1. I would look in to if hp allows that card or any card to work in it well before I worry about if it fits .. I would all most guess with out looking things up that card is not compatible with the hp proprietary bios used

    you should do some research on that before you buy

    good luck
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    see for example from here

    where the HP guy linked to here

    that's the issue these cards today even the ones he showed with the uefi /legacy switch [that's are no longer available ] may just fail to work and are incompatible

    all hp [any prebuilt manufacture ] guarantees there computers to work only as you bought them as is out of there box or speced from there factory , not a drop more

    anything you do over that is all your own risk and cost
  3. It'll be fine man. The gtx 1050 ti doesn't need any additional plugs from the psu hooked up to it. Your power supply is more than 300w, so the TI will be able to run strictly off the pci-e slot. Either way you already ordered it, so it's worth trying instead of buying a new computer.
  4. no sir it may not if you look it up . a lot of hp will NOT accept these newer cards due to there bios's

    as I said look well before you leap on that upgrade may save you money and headache as most find out the hard way

    this hp motherboard / model did not ship from HP with wim-8 or above so 99% sure it got a old legacy bios and with that the 10 series needs full uefi

    not hard to see at hp forums on any of this

    ''The NVIDIA GTX 1050TI requires a full UEFI BIOS. Unless your PC has a version 8 BIOS or higher then the GTX 1050TI is not going to work. I don't think that HP has issued a version 8 BIOS for the HPE series.''

    seeing you all ready ordered it I do hope it works out

    good luck

    [with a gtx 960 same thing as well ]
    ''Its a bios problem you are having trouble with. Mobo needs a update and HP is not providing a Windows 8 bios update for it. You will either have to get a new mobo or whole new pc. The 600 series might work for you. But, if any shipped with UEFI bios. It wont work.''

    maybe at best a 750 ti but the ones made today now may not support hp legacy as well [ that's switch I saisd above has been removed from the latest cards ]
  5. yeah I have heard similar things as junkeymonkey, you might be able to get a different motherboard although sometimes with companies like HP, Dell ect. they tend to make their OEM license of Windows only active if the computer isnt changed in any way. For example if you replaced the motherboard your copy of Windows could get de-activated.

    Best of luck :D
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