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I was playing the for honor beta yesterday, and the temp of my cpu reached 70 C and looked like it would continue on, so I closed it down. I have an i5-6600k and a Corsair h100i for cooling. My CPU is not overclocked but one thing i did suspect was when I was installing the PC I put the actual cooler head or whatever it's called on upside down for the USB cable that runs from it to reach properly. So two days later or so I removed it and put it back on. Could the preapplied thermal paste be compromised in some way, because I put the cooler on, took it off, then put it back on again? Any help would be appreciated.
I also have 3 case fans without the two added by the corsair h100i.
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  1. Number one suspect would be the thermal compound.
    Remove, clean heat sink and CPU, apply fresh compound, reseat.
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    You should ALWAYS replace the thermal compound because you've probably introduced air bubbles etc that will lead to unsatisfactory heat transfer between the heatsink and the CPU heatspreader. I'd recommend reapplying your thermal compound, clean it off with rubbing alcohol.

    Also 70 degrees is a little high but it won't damage your PC at that temperature, I'd still recommend reapplying compound.
  3. Yes, you should have changed the paste when reinstalled heatsync. 70C is safe temperature, but if u dont want your 100$ cooler perform like 25$ change the paste.
  4. The thermal compound that comes pre-applied to the corsair coolers is junk, rather put some fresh good stuff on.
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