Buying an ssd m.2 for motherboard with m.2 gen3 x4 (32gb/s)

I'm going to buy a new gaming pc (by parts) and i'm probably buying MSI B250M PRO-VDH LGA1151 mATX DDR4 motherboard which has m.2 Gen3 x4 (32gb/s speed) "Turbo M.2: Delivering Speeds Up to 32Gb/s, Intel Optane Memory Ready".

Should I buy an m.2 or Sata3 ssd? And if, which one? (about 240-256gb is enough for me)
I've done so many researches but still can't decide which one to buy beacuse of all those different brands, prices, read/write speeds,...
And the last thing is speed.. mostly all ssd's have about 500/600 mb/s read/write speed and that seems kinda slow to me (maybe im wrong).

SAMSUNG 960 EVO 250GB M.2 SSD PCIe 3.0x4 or
WD 256GB SSD BLACK M.2 NVME X4 GEN3 seem like the one im looking for.
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    Honestly I would side with western digital, from what I hear samsung evo ssds are quite speedy.
    However the durability of those drives isn't great at all reminds me of seagate right about now.
    Check the spec page and read the reviews closely then decide on what you want.
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