Will overclocking my ram improve performance in my INTEL HD 510?

For some reason my mobo supports DDR3L memory. But when i use a regular 2x4gb ddr3, it runs fine but i saw that the voltage is reduced to 1.36, can i still oc my ram? Its running at 1333 rn and id want to get abit more performance on my INTEL HD 510. I also have a generic "RISE" psu that comes with case. 650w, +12v is 585. How to oc ram and should I? Dun worry ill be buying dGPU soon
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  1. no
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    To be honest when you overclock system memory, or ram increasing it`s speed you only get a very small percentage of improvement, for most people it`s hardly worth the bother.

    As most of the time it is the motherboard you have that will determine how much you can over clock the system memory, or ram sticks fitted to it dankknightavngr.
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Overclocking RAM IntelHD510 1333 Performance