AIO cooler with full tower setup - Please help!


Having trouble deciding where to put the NZXT Kraken X62 radiator and fans.

Dark Base Pro 900 has a 140mm fan at the rear for exhaust and 2 140mm fans in the front for intake. I will be adding another 140mm fan at the bottom-front end of the case for in take (south to north air flow). Therefore, will have the Kraken at the top-rear.

Should I have the NZXT Kraken act as an exhaust? If so, fans on top or bottom of the radiator?

Push/pull such that one fan is an intake and another exhaust? Both intake so I only have 1 exhaust at the rear? I want to know what is best for the radiator, push/pull and whether or not the fans should be above or below the radiator for optimal temp / minimum dust.

Please let me know what is optimal for air flow and temps. Less concerned about noise. Note that the case has a top with side vents that covers the fans/radiator.

FWIW: Both links below instruct users to place the fans BELOW the radiator and PUSH air through the radiator. My only question is, how would I go about cleaning the dust from the radiator and fans? Would I have to open the case and remove the fans each time and vacuum upside down? Or can I just remove the top panel and all the dust will be on top of the radiator for me to clean?
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