idk if this is the right place to write this XD btw a game crash every time to desktop without an error.

A game that i play that is named Wintersport pro 2006/Winter challenge 2006 crash every time i mod it to run more then 30 opponents some time it can run longer and some time it dont. it gives this in the log of the txt file.

Consommation optimale calculée 55.424900, endurance restante 82.566841, distance à l'arrivée 1548.947632 modulo 1.039767
Consommation optimale calculée 439.239899, endurance restante 83.448219, distance à l'arrivée 187.118103 modulo 0.984919
Consommation optimale calculée 59.463478, endurance restante 77.547104, distance à l'arrivée 1487.046753 modulo 1.140274
Consommation optimale calculée 51.597668, endurance restante 77.546082, distance à l'arrivée 1487.073120 modulo 0.989470
ASSERT!!! File : .\DdAppMain.cpp
Line number : 120
Condition : 0

an unexpected exception occured

an unexpected exception occured

Gamebryo NiRefObject counts: initial = 0, final = 241439.
ASSERT!!! File : .\DdAppMain.cpp
Line number : 154
Condition : 0

Application is leaking 241439 objects

application quitted normally

if someone can make somthing of it sorry for my English. :)
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    i would reload games files some could have been missing or corrupted .
  2. idk its like the game cant show more then 30 opponents becaus it work up to 42 or somthing but after that it goes to hel XD i start to Think the movement is to much for the game XD thx btw but yhe that may be the problem
  3. i Think i fixed the problem it was somthing about leaking in tracks for all the other opponents over 30 :D
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