How much watt psu i need?

Hlo my friends,
My pc:
Pentium e5400 2.7(not oc)
1gb ddr2 ram
Geforce gtx650 ti 1gb synergy edition
Mobo dg41rq.
I iam playing heavy games like gta5 gta4 etc. At high settings
Please suggest me how much watt psu do i need that can give much power to these.
Currently i am having a 450 watt one that got damaged while playing Gta 4 at high settings
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  1. Geforce GTX 650ti - 20A and a 400W PSU minimum

    A decent 450w is a great choice.
  2. But i used to have450 watt one and it got damaged. It was 6 years old
  3. Age and poor quality probably killed it.
  4. Like said get a good quality 450watt psu and you'll be fine.
  5. Tell me more
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    Well psu''s like these,,4Vzv6h/
    or their higher wattage versions.
    For reference can you look at this list at tiers 1+2,
    most tier 3 will also be fine if budget doesn't allow tiers 1+2.
  7. Bro...
    U should definitely go for a #cosair branded smps ...
    (Though I have cheap zebronics peice. Of junk)..
    About a 550 wat or 600wat if u are going to upgrade your card in the future...its better to invest in smps's with higher wattage
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