Intel Core i5 4670K Overclocking

I have ASUS Z87-PRO. Now i have 4200 MHz. Can i overclock more? Maybe 4.5 GHz?
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  1. Entirely up to your processor. You might get to 4.5GHz. You may not get past 4.21GHz. The only way to know is to try and see.

    -Wolf sends
  2. It's working on 4.3 GHz with 1.26V. Can i increase V?
  3. Sandi1987 said:
    It's working on 4.3 GHz with 1.26V. Can i increase V?

    Completely dependent on you cooling setup and temperatures under full stress test load.

    You haven't told us any important information. Like are you using the stock Intel cooler, or an aftermarket air cooler, or water... etc. Plus, are your temps 30c or 130c...

    We need information in order to help you.
  4. I don't have stock cooler. CPU temperature around 50°C in ORTHOS on 4.3 GHz. I need fast CPU for CS:GO and other heavy games. I have GeForce GTX 970 and FPS goes from 300 to 200 or less in CS:GO.
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    Not a stock cooler, ok that narrows it down.
    50c is pretty low, so you have plenty of headroom there. Keep going and testing "Properly" until you either start hitting high temps (85-90c or whatever you are comfortable with), or until the CPU won't OC any further.
    I can't really recommend a max voltage as you still haven't answered what cooler you are running.

    "FPS goes from 300 to 200 or less in CS:GO" - Why do you need 300fps, do you have a 300HZ monitor/panel???
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