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I've searched far and wide (Page 1 of Google) and all I could find was how to "steal" files from someones computer upon inserting the USB; this is not what I'm asking for, I'm very against it.

I want to give my friend some files (Non-workshop addons for GMod) but she's not too tech savvy, and I figured, instead of taking her through the boring steps, I can make it automatically move the files upon inserting the flash drive.
Or upon double clicking the batch file (I don't mind which).

Does anybody know how one would achieve this? Or how the batch file would be written?

I know batch files can do so much on Windows, I just don't know how to write them. xD
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  1. Do the files you are wanting to put on her computer need to be installed? Or will simply copying them be sufficient? If the latter, do they have to reside in specific locations (directories) to work?

    I think it would be easier for you to talk her through the process rather than writing a batch file, but someone else here may have a different opinion.
  2. Auto copying, (or any other auto-something) from a USB has been turned off for quite a while.
    Major security hole.

    If the default action of plugging in a USB triggered copying directly to the hard drive, we'd see a LOT more virus infections.

    This is a teaching moment. Teach her the basics of copying files from one drive to another.
    This is basic stuff.
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    Adding an autorun.inf file to the root of the USB drive and having it call a batch, VBscript, or powershell command is pretty straight forward.

    With the caveat that the computer will allow it, indeed. I know most AV programs treat autorun.inf files like the plague.
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