Overclocking the I7 7700K to 5ghz?

To those people with the 7700k as their processor, will you help me overclock it to 5ghz? I mean some of you became successful in overclocking this cpu, I don't know much about overclocking, that's why I'm asking you guys. I just want an easy way to overclock this chip, I just want to follow or "copy" some BIOS settings.
Additional info:
motherboard: msi z270 tomahawk
cooler: corsair h115i
power supply: corsair 750 watt rmi

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    I overclocked mine to 4.8 ghz with MSI bios overclock profiles. I have the Z270 Gaming M7 and it has some dials that you can set to certain levels of overclocking.
  2. Try x50 ratio
    And 1.38v or less (start around 1.3 I found mine stable at 1.32)
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