Asus 970 pro gaming aura overclocking a FX-8350

Hi guys,

I am new to overclocking (as in I have never done it before), and I recently got this motherboard cause I heard and saw reviews saying it is a decent overclocker. So, I've been researching on methods to overclock, but there are so many different methods that just confused me so much... What is the easiest to overclock this CPU to a decent speed on this motherboard? Can I just change the CPU ratio, CPU voltage, CPU load line calibration, and disable cool and quiet?

If there is any tips or help you guys can give that would be awesome!

Thank you!
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    Read this guide and scope the web for more info.
  2. OK, I will take a look at these. I found some videos on youtube in terms of overclocking the processor:

    Second one is LinusTechTips, but I do not know if these would still work fine.
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