My Hard Disc wont load start up but after into sleep mode it is working for 20 minuts and then goes off again.

Hello i need your help ASAP.I am having an issue with my hard disc.When i start up my pc it wont load but if i put my pc to sleep mode and then start up again from sleep mode it loads.When i looked into BIOS it wasnt even there. HDD is from Seagate.
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  1. Hi there Honza_2,

    Is this a secondary drive? Do you have a desktop or a laptop computer?

    Anyway, I believe that it would be a really good idea to back up the data stored on the drive and do some general troubleshooting.

    You can test the drive with some of these:
    See if there are abnormal values in the SMART report. You can upload a screenshot as well.

    Another thing you can try is to attach the drive with different cables to another SATA port. (if desktop)

    It will not hurt to update your MOBO's drivers as well.

    Let me know how this goes,
    D_Know_WD :)
  2. I have Win 10.Yes i have SSD with Windows but my second hard disc is HDD.The HDD is the problem one. And i have desktop pc
  3. I can't really open that link up, for some reason.

    Have you tested your HDD. What does the SMART report say?
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