Xeon W3530 (2.80 GHz) 12 GB DDR3 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Home No Screen NVIDIA GeForce GT 730

Xeon W3530 (2.80 GHz) 12 GB DDR3 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Home NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 Is this a good pc for gaming and how much would it go for?
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  1. That's a 7 year old cpu (not overclockable) on a base model gpu that is not designed for serious gaming. Seeing similar systems on ebay for $100-$150 shipped.
  2. Only good for light gaming.

    I would guess $200USD or so for the entire system.

    As said CPU is older with low performance per core. GPU is reasonably new but low performance for gaming.

    The 12GB, Windows 10, 1TB adds to the value but used systems are hard to sell for what you might expect. (personally I'd keep as a second PC)
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    There's the problem. That computer is only $300USD.

    YES it has different specs, but people buying that XEON rig would not likely be gaming so would be looking at a low-cost desktop for web, video etc.

    You can walk into a store and get something for $300 brand new that serves that purpose, and it has a 1-year Warranty with new parts.
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