Corsair CX 500 80 plus bronze good enough for a galax gtx 1060 6gb?

Topic name, basically. Getting myself a H110, I5 6400 and the galax gtx 1060 6gb.
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  1. Its enough, but it is on the lower end of the quality range.
    CX units use low quality caps that tend to fail under higher load. It wont damage anything, when and if it fails, but it may not last the longest.
    If you already own it, it will hold you over, if not, I recommend a better unit.
  2. As i did not have enough money for a better PSU I ended up grabbing it...will that hinder me in any way? Can i expect it to last 2 years, at least? Should have I gone with the EVGA 600w plus bronze, instead? I should have asked here but the price of it was so good and I didn't have much time to ask.
  3. The CX & the evga are about the same quality.
    I wouldn't worry , you've got about a 220w max system setup there.
    No reason the CX shouldn't last 5 years+ running at that kind of load.
  4. I'm only staying with the cx 500 for 1-2 before grabbing a new one...thing is, most people around here hate the CX series, saying that it will cause problems on my pc, fry the motherboard, etc etc...that makes me afraid. I don't want to wait weeks and weeks to return it and buy another one :(
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    At the load you're running I honestly would not worry.
    Performance on the older CX has never been an issue , ripple, stability, voltage regulation have ALWAYS been decent ,they used to be tier 3 , they were dropped to tier 4 unfairly IMO after reports of them dying prematurely after 2-3 years .
    This mat be true but its normally when they've been pushed to heavy loads continuously under high temp conditions.

    Personally I've never considered them to be dangerous to system components & never will.
    Yes there are better units available but there are also far far worse ones.
  6. I have to agree with that, while CX units arent built to last, they are by no means dangerous.
    I am fairly confident you can run that unit for several years without issue (and it would cause no harm)
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