RAM Question. Very confused

This is my - CPU-Z specs -

This is my motherboard -

This is the RAM I would like to get -

I get confused about all the "nerd knowledge" when it comes to this technical stuff. I want to upgrade my RAM. I think (THINK) that my mobo supports upto 1600 without overclock on the RAM (I could be wrong). Would this RAM downclock (or whatever) if it needed to.

Will this work? If I get this RAM will I be okay? Will I get hurt? I really need the communities help on this one.
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    Even if you MBO doesn't support RAM frequencies above 1600MHz you'll be just fine. It will work on the (stock) frequency of 1600 (or 1599 to be precise) MHz. Some motherboards also support XMP RAM profile mode (a part of the BIOS setup that allows your memory to run at it's native frequency). In conclusion feel free to buy that RAM :)
  2. Just go into BIOS and enable xmp. Most likely it'll run perfectly at the rated speed and that's not really overclocking the ram as it's designed to run that speed. (Overclocking is running outside of design spec)
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