Starting my computer without RAM

I am working on building my computer, but my RAM has yet to be shipped. I want to make sure everything is hooked up properly, but I can boot anything up to check the motherboard codes. Is it possible to get that without my RAM? I am just worried that I might have messed something up and that's why it isn't doing anything when I hit the power on my motherboard.

Also, no fans are powering, but my lights and everything light up.
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  1. It will not boot without at least one stick of RAM installed
  2. You shouldn't power your build till it's done.

    Wait till you receive the modules before you try again.
  3. Thank you all for the quick response. I was freaking out that I did something wrong. That's why I love this website!!!
  4. More than likely it's fine be patient it will be running soon.
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    Starting a computer without ram will cause the motherboard to fail its power on self test. Which means it won't actually turn over properly. you won't be able to check bios you won't be able to do anything with it.
    You need the ram to get into the bios to check settings and stuff.

    Yes you can hook up everything in terms of power, sata cables, stuff like that. but without ram it won't turn on.
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