Windows 7 install does not detect my ssd or hard drive but it shows in bios


I have read several threads on this and I still have not had any success. I have gone into the command screen and tried to do the "diskpart" then "list disk" but all it sees is the usb I am installing windows from.

Does anyone have an idea for me to try??

MB - Gigabyte Sniper A88X

Thank you for any suggestions in advance.
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  1. If diskpart/list disk doesn't show the drives, there must be something wrong with the drives or their connection. Have you tried them connected one at a time? Tried the drives on another machine?
  2. Raid controller enabled?
  3. Try out the following two methods
    1) Update or install storage controller driver.
    2) Update the driver for your PC's chip set.
  4. You honestly expect a Windows 7 install iso from 2009 to contain drivers for your hardware from 2015?

    When install gets to the screen where it shows no drives to install to, hit "Load Driver" on the bottom left.
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