MSI z97 Gaming 5 with MyDigitalSSD BPX M.2 PCI Express NVMe SSD

I was just wondering if the MydigitalSSD M.2 NVMe is compatible with my MSI Z97 gaming 5 motherboard.
The Z97 has an M.2 slot that says it can handle up to 10gb/s speed, but I'm just not sure if this mobo is compatible with this M.2 SSD NVMe.

The reviews on the SSD aren't bad, but some people have complained about compatibility issues, and someone has complained about it not being compatible with a Z97(different brand). So I was just wondering if this would work.


m.2 SSD:
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    MSI Z97 Gaming 5 and MydigitalSSD M.2 NVME - yes- is compatible.
    Because the Z97 M.2 slot is 10Gb/s speed it - will not - do 2.6GB/s read and 1.3GB/s write.
    My crystaldiskmark test results are: 826 MB/s read and 760 MB/s write.
    Note: newest cards have M.2 slot 32Gb/s speed interface.

    My rig: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 with Intel i5-4690K and 1866RAM with MydigitalSSD BPX 240GB.
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