MSI z97 Gaming 5 with MyDigitalSSD BPX M.2 PCI Express NVMe SSD

I was just wondering if the MydigitalSSD M.2 NVMe is compatible with my MSI Z97 gaming 5 motherboard.
The Z97 has an M.2 slot that says it can handle up to 10gb/s speed, but I'm just not sure if this mobo is compatible with this M.2 SSD NVMe.

The reviews on the SSD aren't bad, but some people have complained about compatibility issues, and someone has complained about it not being compatible with a Z97(different brand). So I was just wondering if this would work.


m.2 SSD:
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    From the looks of things you have a generation 2 M.2 and this drive wants you to have a generation 3, or 4 M.2, this isn't a complete death sentence it simply means that most M.2 drives simple will run at half the speed they are originally supposed to run at, but it may still not be compatible. In most cases they are always compatible if they meet the proper form factor, some do not though. On the page for the drive it does say it has backward compatibility so it'll run, but it won't achieve the speeds specified on the page.
  2. I just put together this exact combo using a win8.1 license upgraded to 10 (the worst situation possible according to other posts). FIRST, only use usb ports ON the motherboard not on the case. If that doesn't work make sure you update your bios and the RESET BIOS SETTINGS TO DEFAULT. Then on another computer download the win10 ISO only, use Rufus boot creator and a UEFI enabled flash drive to make the boot flashdrive. In Rufus set partition settings set to GPT in Rufus. Create the drive and plug it directly into your motherboard. UNPLUG ALL OTHER SATA CABLES AND MAKE SURE NOTHING IS IN SATA 5 AND 6. Startup your system and in your BIOS under boot change it to UEFI only. Make sure windows boot manager is first and then set UEFI Hard Disk as second. If that doesn't work change to legacy and put windows boot manager first and BPX second.
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